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About us

Hand in hand with each of the FV Group companies, for more than 100 years we have been designing and producing innovative solutions that improve the quality of life of people all over the world.

We believe that good business and a better world are possible. We take our work to new horizons every day, obtaining genuine, sensible products that work towards a new, more sustainable new world.

Craftsmanship, engineering and new productive processes together to achieve excellence. We bring our passion for design and details to every home in more than 50 countries.

Our Spirit

We remain faithful to the values of Franz Viegener and his son Francisco who, first in Germany and then in Argentina, created efficient and well-thought-out products designed for consumers around the world.
Since 1921, from the hand of FV as the founding company, Grupo FV has worked continuously to develop innovative, durable and quality products.

We have the strong corporate purpose of improving the quality of life of current and future generations and we understand that this is only possible through teamwork, technology and constant innovation.

Solutions for quality of life

For more than a century we have been working to improve the daily life of our users. We understand that preserving the planet's natural resources and human development are part of the same objective. A sustainable life with comfort and quality are today our priorities at the product development level..

Each of our solutions are thought-out, designed and developed by our own engineers and designers who have the highest quality standards and passion for their work. We work daily to find and develop products for the needs of all users, focusing on design and quality of life with a vast catalog of spare parts..

Our factories

Committed to our German origins, we work efficiently and innovatively in each of our plants while being respectful of sustainability and care for the environment.

Our workers and their health is also of vital importance, and this is evident in the productive processes that we develop in each of our factories in Argentina, Ecuador and China. From there, we provide the entire community with products of quality and design, delivered in a timely manner.

Towards sustainability

Today, rethinking production cycles and the subsequent life of products is essential. It´s no longer enough to take care of resources in the manufacturing process, today we must think about what will become of the product once it has completed its useful life.

This impulse is both moral and economic, since by being more efficient and recycling we save money, but also by reducing our carbon and water footprint and minimizing waste, we are thinking of a more sustainable future in harmony with the planet.


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