Our Commitment to Sustainability

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What happens to the water in the world?

Of 100% of the water on our planet, 97% is saltwater, 2.5% fresh (this one is contained in the form of ice in polar areas or forming wetlands) and the smallest percentage arises from the mountains in the form of rivers.

In South America, freshwater reserves are the most important in the world, but it’s also the continent where this resource is wasted the most. Demand for this precious resource continues to grow, and we will lose it unless we change the way we use it. Our factory has an effluent treatment plant for the entire faucet electroplating process, in which a significant amount of water is used and is able to be returned once treated, and thus the production processes are not harmful to the soil or to the water in your community.

Grupo FV

Nuestra fábrica cuenta con una planta de tratamiento de efluentes para todo el proceso de galvanoplastia de griferías, en el que se usa una cantidad importante de agua y que permite devolverla una vez tratada, y así los procesos productivos no sean dañinos con el suelo o con el agua de su comunidad.